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S. Miskovic, Z. Stanimirovic, I. Grujicic:
"An Efficient Variable Neighborhood Search for Solving a Robust Dynamic Facility Location Problem in Emergency Service Network";
Talk: VNS 2014 - 3rd Int. Conference on Variable Neighborhood Search, Djerba, Tunesien; 2014-10-08 - 2014-10-11; in: "Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Variable Neighborhood Search (VNS'14), volume 47 of Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, Elsevier.", B. Jarboui, A. Sifaleras, A. Rebai (ed.); 47 (2014), 261 - 268.

English abstract:
In this study, we propose a robust variant of a dynamic facility location problem that arises from optimizing the emergency service network of Police Special Forces Units (PSFUs) in the Republic of Serbia. We present for the first time a mathematical programming formulation of the problem under consideration. We further propose a Variable Neighborhood Search (VNS) method with an efficient local search procedure for solving real-life problem instances that remained out of reach of CPLEX solver. The results presented in this paper may help in optimizing the network of PSFUs and other security networks as well.

variable neighborhood search, dynamic facility location, emergency service network

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