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D. Salaberger, M Jerabek, T. Koch, J. Kastner:
"Consideration of accuracy of quantitative X-ray CT analyses for short-glass-fibre-reinforced polymers";
Materials Science Forum, 825 - 826 (2015), 907 - 913.

English abstract:
A novel methodology for the characterization of short fibre reinforced polymers using Xray
computed tomography is introduced and evaluated. Scans with high resolution lead to data quality
that allows for single fibre examination. Data analysis takes the information of local direction into account
to determine centre lines and start- and endpoints. Reproducibility and accuracy are determined
for glass fibre filled Polypropylene. Nine analyses of the same specimen show very small standard
deviation for fibre length and orientation distribution. Accuracy of up to 97 % is determined by comparing
the XCT result with semi-automatically generated ground truth. Variation of resolution shows
no influence on fibre orientation but a decrease in mean fibre length for lower resolution. The proposed
method leads to accurate results at 2 μm voxel edge length or below for the investigated material

short fibre reinforced polymer, computed tomography, method validation, fibre length distribution, fibre orientation distribution

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