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J.-A. Schönherr, R. Gmeiner, A. Boccaccini, J. Stampfl:
"Additive Herstellung hochfester Biogläser und Biokeramiken für medizinische Anwendungen";
Talk: Rapid.Tech 2015, Erfurt; 06-10-2015 - 06-11-2015.

English abstract:
Over the past years stereolithographic ceramic manufacturing (SLCM) has developed to be an interesting alternative for ceramic production. SLCM makes it possible to generate complex geometrical geometries that can obtain common material properties and at the same time reduce costs and have fast build speeds. Using a liquid and photosensitive organic binder material filled with ceramic powder, it is possible to manufacture high-density ceramic parts. Stereolithographic Technologies were used to process glass ceramics and bioactive glass e.g. 45S5 Bioglass . Both materials have a high potential to be used in clinical applications such as bone substitutes or scaffold materials. Recent studies show positive results with respect to biocompatibility and degradability. The most critical problem is insufficient mechanical properties. The new approach of research is to use a laser based sterolithographic system. The main advantages are its high resolution and reduced costs. Our mechanical property results compliment previous studies showing that all in all bioactive glasses processed with SLCM could be a good bone substitute material even in load bearing applications.

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