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T. Hessmann, W. Kluger-Eigl, R. Blab:
"New test for evaluating filter stability between jointing and bedding materials";
Vortrag: ICCBP 11th International Conference on Concrete Block Pavement, Dresden; 08.09.2015 - 11.09.2015; in: "ICCBP 11th International Conference on Concrete Block Pavement", FGSV, (2015), 12 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In Urban areas block pavements have become popular due to their design variety. But often block pavements are also used in heavy trafficked areas and due to empty joints damage occurs only a few months after constructions. The jointing material is an important component in the block pavement technology to preserve the mechanical connection between the pavers and to transmit horizontal stresses. Therefore the filter stability between the jointing material and bedding material is essential to avoid an infiltration of jointing material. Different Projects showed that the actual filter criteria in the Austrian regulation RVS 08.18.01 is not sufficient and should be checked and modified if required. Therefore a new laboratory test was developed to evaluate the filter stability during vibration and watering. Preliminary tests showed that only vibration or watering caused marginally infiltration of jointing material. But a combined load of vibration and watering resulted in a noticeable variation of the bedding material. Over seventy combinations of jointing and bedding materials with varying grading curves were tested. The results showed that specific combinations cause a clear refinement of the bedding and a new criterion for improving filter stability is recommended. The effect to water permeability of the bedding material before and after the combined load will be investigated at the moment for special combination of jointing and bedding materials.

block pavement, filter stability, jointing material, bedding material, vibration, watering

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