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H. Hengl, J. Füssl, W. Kluger-Eigl:
"The influence of arch supporting effect on the load bearing capacity of paving block superstructures";
Vortrag: ICCBP 11th International Conference on Concrete Block Pavement, Dresden; 08.09.2015 - 11.09.2015; in: "ICCBP 11th International Conference on Concrete Block Pavement", FGSV, (2015), 10 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This work focuses on the influence of superelevations of the cross profile of block pavement superstructures on their load carrying capacity. For this purpose, a 3D finite element model has been developed which is able to take the interaction behaviour between paving blocks, in tangential as well as normal direction, accurately into account.
From these simulations, two different predominating structural failure mechanisms could be identified: (i) snap through buckling, for very small elevations of the cross profile, and (ii) the formation of a kinematic chain, which is initiated very fast for high superelevations.
The simulation tool is able to predict an optimum elevation with respect to the load bearing capacity. Based on the simulations a huge influence of the cross profile superelevation on the load bearing capacity of block pavement structures could be confirmed. Consideration of these effects within the design process may strongly improve the performance prediction.

Superelevation, block pavements, finite elements analysis

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