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M. Miletic, D. Stürzer, A. Arnold:
"An Euler-Bernoulli beam with nonlinear damping and a nonlinear spring at the tip";
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems B, 20 (2015), 9; 3029 - 3055.

English abstract:
We study the asymptotic behavior for a system consisting of a clamped flexible beam that carries a tip payload, which is attached to a non-linear damper and a nonlinear spring at its end. Characterizing the ω-limit sets of the trajectories, we give a suffcient condition under which the system is asymptotically stable. In the case when this condition is not satisfied, we show that the beam deflection approaches a non-decaying time-periodic solution.

Flexible beam, nonlinear spring, nonlinear damping, nonlinear semi-groups, trajectory precompactness, asymptotic stability.

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