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H. Brandl:
"Environmental Geotechnics of Landfills (Waste deposits)";
Vortrag: European Conference in Geo-Environment and Construction, Tirana, Albanien (eingeladen); 26.11.2015 - 28.11.2015; in: "Geo-Environment and Construction European Conference", NATYRA, Polis University, Tirana, Albania (2015), ISBN: 978-9928-114-63-1; S. 186 - 202.

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Landfill engineering (waste deposits) involves the entire field of geotechnical engineering in conjunction with interdisciplinary views. An appropriate pretreatment of waste is crucial to avoid the passing-on of environmental impacts of todays landfills to future generations. Additionally, multi-barrier systems are recommended, especially in case of hazardous waste. For geotechnical stability analyses of waste deposits a comptatibility investigation of the sometimes fundamentally different shear stress-strain behaviour of waste and subsoil is recommended. Horizontal barriers commonly require composite liner systems, unless pretreated or mono-waste of low risk potential is deposed.

Environmental Geotechnics; landfill engineering; waste deposits; waste containment; landfill liner systems

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