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F. Nunes, G. Fitzpatrick:
"Self-care Technologies and Collaboration";
International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 31 (2015), 12; 869 - 881.

English abstract:
The self-management of a chronic condition is a collaborative activity, performed by patients and carers. However, to date, self-care technologies have been mostly designed for individual use. This article uses a case study of people living with Parkinsonīs disease to (a) illustrate how patients and carers collaborate in self-management, (b) discuss the reasons why self-care technology is designed for individual use, and (c) explore the implications of recognizing collaborations for the design of self-care technologies. This work is based on a qualitative study with interviews and observations with people living with Parkinsonīs. The analysis illustrates how people living with Parkinsonīs collaborate in self-care to build a good life. In particular, it exemplifies how the complex interplay of actions and of patients and carers enables the different self-care activities to take place. To further integrate self-care technology in everyday life, designers need to consider collaborations when studying the context, conceptualizing a technology, and planning an evaluation.

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