F. Nunes, P. Silva, J. Cevada, A. Barros, L. Teixeira:
"User Interface Design Guidelines for Smartphone Applications for People With Parkinson's Disease";
Universal Access in the Information Society, 15 (2015), 4; S. 659 - 679.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Parkinson´s disease (PD) is often responsible for difficulties in interacting with smartphones; however, research has not yet addressed these issues and how these challenge people with Parkinson´s (PwP). This paper specifically investigates the symptoms and characteristics of PD that may influence the interaction with smartphones to then contribute in this direction. The research was based on a literature review of PD symptoms, eight semi-structured interviews with healthcare professionals and observations of PwP, and usability experiments with 39 PwP. Contributions include a list of PD symptoms that may influence the interaction with smartphones, a set of experimental results that evaluated the performance of four gestures tap, swipe, multiple-tap, and drag and 12 user interface design guidelines for creating smartphone user interfaces for PwP. Findings contribute to the work of researchers and practitioners´ alike engaged in designing user interfaces for PwP or the broader area of inclusive design.

Touchscreen accessibility; User interface design; Usability guidelines; Designing for people with special needs; Mobile; Smartphone; Touch gestures; Motor impairments; Parkinson's disease

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