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F. Nunes:
"Understanding and Promoting the Creation of Patient Knowledge Online";
Talk: Talk at DISI Seminar, Trento, Italy (invited); 2015-09-14.

English abstract:
Online communities play an important role in the creation of patient knowledge. By enabling patients and carers to meet others living with the same condition, members can gain insights about their issues and strategies to address them. While online communities are appropriate for discussing patient knowledge, they do not make this knowledge explicit or widely accessible. Often great insights become dispersed into multiple threads, hidden in long conversations, or even lost in archived topics. In this study we focus on how to make patient knowledge more explicit and useful to patients and carers. Our study draws on a qualitative analysis of an online forum for people living with Parkinson's disease. We studied what was patient knowledge in that community and how it was framed. Drawing on our analysis we suggest design implications that can make patient knowledge more explicit and useful.

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