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A. Bagchi, R. Basu, D. Grumiller, M. Riegler:
"Entanglement entropy in Galilean conformal field theories and flat holography";
Physical Review Letters, 114 (2015), 111602.

English abstract:
We present the analytical calculation of entanglement entropy for a class of two-dimensional field theories governed by the symmetries of the Galilean conformal algebra, thus providing a rare example of such an exact computation. These field theories are the putative holographic duals to theories of gravity in three-dimensional asymptotically flat spacetimes. We provide a check of our field theory answers by an analysis of geodesics. We also exploit the Chern-Simons formulation of three-dimensional gravity and adapt recent proposals of calculating entanglement entropy by Wilson lines in this context to find an independent confirmation of our results from holography.

entanglement, flat space holography, Chern-Simons, Wilson loop, Galilean, Conformal Field Theory

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