W. Sihn, H. Pascher, K. Ott, S. Stein, A. Schumacher et al.:
"A green and economic future of inland waterway shipping";
Procedia CIRP, 29 (2015), S. 317 - 322.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Preesently, Centrall European waaterways are uttilized below thheir capacities while traffic vvolume on raill and road is iincreasing consstantly. Esppecially road traansport leads too high external costs caused byy air pollution oor congestion. FFacing these proroblems, a new inland waterwaay ship callled NEWS (FP77 Project, Deveelopment of a NNext generation European inlannd Waterway S hip and logisticcs system) is beeing constructedd. Thee resource efficciency is going to be increasedd by up to 30% % due to the adjuustable LNG-gaas-electric proppulsion system. Additionally thhe fuel connsumption can be decreased bby 10% due to a new hull deesign. The mainn targets of thiis new developpment are to reeduce greenhouuse gas emissions and othher pollutants and to shift trannsport volumes from the road to inland wateerways to enablle sustainable ffreight transporrt. This neww developmentt will be integrrated in a readdy-to-use inlandd waterway traansport concept to fulfil the goals for comppetitive and reesource effiicient transport of the Europeaan Commission.

inland; wwaterway; transpoort; shipping; LNNG; container trannsport; NEWS; mmultimodal transpoort; external costss; car-carrier

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