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M. Mori, A. Ceccarelli, P. Lollini, A. Bondavalli, B. Frömel:
"A holistic viewpoint-based SysML Profile to Design Systems-of-Systems";
Talk: 17th IEEE International Symposium on High Assurance Systems Engineering, Orlando, Florida, USA; 2016-01-07 - 2016-01-09; in: "High Assurance Systems Engineering (HASE), 2016 IEEE 17th International Symposium on", (2016), ISSN: 1530-2059; 276 - 283.

English abstract:
In recent decades more and more efforts have been
devoted in supporting the design of Systems-of-Systems (SoSs).
These systems are composed of autonomous Constituent Systems
(CSs) which are integrated together to achieve a higher level goal
that cannot be achieved by any of its CSs in isolation. Designing
such an SoS is a multidisciplinary problem which involves
considering emergent phenomena, assuring the achievement of
dependability and security requirements, guaranteeing system
responsiveness, supporting dynamicity and evolution and multi-
criticality of provided services. We believe that a first step
towards a viable design approach is to provide a conceptual
model of SoSs which captures SoS concepts (e.g., methods,
characteristics, and technologies related to SoSs) and their inter-
relationships. Such a conceptual model should enhance the
understandability of SoSs to stakeholders and provide the basis
for further automated analysis. In this context, the AMADEOS
European project is bringing together researchers and
practitioners to provide the support to design SoSs starting from
the definition of a domain specific ontology serving as a
vocabulary for SoSs. Our contribution consists of semi-
formalizing the key SoS concepts and relationships defined in
AMADEOS adopting a SysML visual modeling language. We
propose a SysML profile for SoSs and we show its applicability in
a Smart Grid scenario.

System of Systems; SysML Profile; Conceptual Model;

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