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M. Giacomin, T. Linsbichler, S. Woltran:
"On the Functional Completeness of Argumentation Semantics";
Talk: KI 2015 Workshop on Formal and Cognitive Reasoning, Dresden, Germany; 2015-09-22; in: "Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Dynamics of Knowledge and Belief (DKB-2015) and the 4th Workshop KI & Kognition (KIK-2015)", C. Beierle, G. Kern-Isberner, M. Ragni, F. Stolzenburg (ed.); CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 1444 (2015), 12 pages.

English abstract:
Abstract argumentation frameworks (AFs) are one of the central formalisms in AI; equipped with a wide range of semantics, they have proven useful in several application domains. We contribute to the systematic analysis of semantics for AFs by connecting two recent lines of research - the work on input/output frameworks and the study of the expressiveness of semantics. We do so by considering the following question: given a function describing an input/output behaviour by mapping extensions (resp. labellings) to sets of extensions (resp. labellings), is there an AF with designated input and output arguments realizing this function under a given semantics? For the major semantics we give exact characterizations of the functions which are realizable in this manner.

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