Scientific Reports:

S. Polberg:
"Revisiting Extension-Based Semantics of Abstract Dialectical Frameworks";
Report No. DBAI-TR-2015-88, 2015; 72 pages.

English abstract:
This report is meant to serve as a new version of our previous work [35] and contains all the proofs and analysis done there. We introduce a new subfamily of the ca-semantics and the acyclic grounded semantics. We also introduce a number of new properties and complete the analysis of the relation between labeling-based and extension-based semantics. Finally, we correct various minor issues and clarify some explanations. One of the most prominent tools for abstract argumentation is the Dung´s framework, AF for short. Although powerful, AFs have their shortcomings, which led to development of numerous enrichments. Among the most general ones are the abstract dialectical frameworks, also known as the ADFs. They make use of the so-called acceptance conditions to represent arbitrary relations. This level of abstraction brings not only new challenges, but also requires addressing existing problems in the field. One of the most controversial issues, recognized not only in argumentation, concerns the support or positive dependency cycles. In this paper we introduce a new method to ensure acyclicity of arguments and present a family of extension-based semantics built on it, along with their classification w.r.t. cycles. We provide ADF versions of the properties known from the Dung setting, provide sufficient requirements for the semantics to coincide and compare them with the labeling-based semantics.

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