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E. Kühn:
"Reusable Coordination Components: A Silver Bullet for Reliable Development of Cooperative Information Systems?";
Keynote Lecture: 23rd International Conference on Cooperative Information Systems (CoopIS 2015), Rhodos, Griechenland (invited); 2015-10-28 - 2015-10-30.

English abstract:
Today´s emerging trends like factory of the future, big data, Internet of Things, intelligent traffic solutions, cyber-physical systems, wireless sensor networks, and smart home/city/grid raise major new challenges on software development. They are characterized by high concurrency, distribution and dynamics as well as huge numbers of heterogeneous devices, resources and users that must collaborate in a reliable way. The management of all interactions and dependencies between the participants is a complex task posing massive coordination and integration problems. Must these be solved for each new application from scratch?

An alternative approach would be to identify similarities in their communication and synchronization behavior, to design corresponding "reusable patterns" with the help of a suitable and flexible coordination model, and finally to realize the patterns in form of software components that run on a suitable middleware platform. In this keynote we will discuss state-of-the-art coordination models and middlewaresystems to achieve this goal. The sharing of coordination components among different use cases on different platforms, reaching from energy-aware micro-controller platforms to enterprise server systems, is demonstrated by means of real-life scenarios from different domains. The vision is to compose advanced cooperative information systems from proven, configurable, reusable "coordination components", thus reducing software development risks and costs.

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