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M. Dao-Tran, H. Beck, T. Eiter:
"Towards Comparing RDF Stream Processing Semantics";
Talk: Workshop on High-Level Declarative Stream Processing (HiDeSt), Dresden; 2015-09-22; in: "1st Workshop on High-Level Declarative Stream Processing (HiDeSt), September 22, 2015, Dresden, Germany, 2015.", (2015), 15 - 27.

English abstract:
The increasing popularity of RDF Stream Processing (RSP) has led to developments of data models and processing engines which diverge in several aspects, ranging from the representation of RDF streams to semantics. Benchmarking systems such as LSBench, SRBench, and CSRBench were introduced as attempts to compare different approaches. However, these works mainly concentrate on the operational aspects. The recent logic-based LARS framework provides a theoretical underpinning to analyze stream processing/reasoning semantics. Towards comparing RSP engines at the semantic level, in this paper, we pick two representative RSP engines, namely C-SPARQL and CQELS, and propose translations from their languages and execution modes into LARS. We show the faithfulness of the translations and discuss how they can be exploited to provide a formal analysis and comparison of RSP semantics.

RDF Stream Processing, Linked-Stream Data, Semantics Comparison

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