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F. Garcia-Sanjuan, A. Catala, G. Fitzpatrick, J. Jaen:
"Around-Device Interactions: A Usability Study of Frame Markers in Acquisition Tasks";
Talk: INTERACT 2015, Bamberg, Germany; 2015-09-14 - 2015-09-18; in: "Proc. Interact 2015", Springer International Publishing, Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences (LNCS) (2015), ISBN: 978-3-319-22668-2; 195 - 202.

English abstract:
Digital tabletops present numerous benefits in face-to-face collaboration environments. However, their integration in real settings is complicated by cost and fixed location. In this respect, building table-like environments using several handheld devices such as tablets or smartphones provides a promising alternative but is limited to touch interaction only. We propose instead another kind of "around-device" interaction (ADI) technique using the built-in front camera of these devices and fiducial frame markers, which presents advantages including better awareness and less interference. This paper contributes a first step in exploring the potential of this interaction technique by conducting a usability test comparing several ergonomic factors that may have an effect on the very first operation of the interaction: the acquisition of the marker.

Around-Device Interaction (ADI) Tablets Fiducial markers Frame markers Multi-Display Environments (MDE) Usability study

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