Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Diller, J. P. Wallner, S. Woltran:
"Reasoning in Abstract Dialectical Frameworks using Quantified Boolean Formulas";
Argument & Computation, 6 (2015), 2; 149 - 177.

English abstract:
Abstract dialectical frameworks (ADFs) constitute a recent and powerful generalisation of Dung's argumentation frameworks (AFs), where the relationship between the arguments can be specified via Boolean formulas. Recent results have shown that this enhancement comes with the price of higher complexity compared to AFs. In fact, acceptance problems in the world of ADFs can be hard even for the third level of the polynomial hierarchy. In order to implement reasoning problems on ADFs, systems for quantified Boolean formulas (QBFs) thus are suitable engines to be employed. In this paper we give complexity sensitive QBF encodings of ADF problems generalising recent work on QBFs for AF labellings. Our encodings provide a uniform and modular way of translating reasoning in ADFs to QBFs, that can be used as the basis for novel systems for ADF reasoning.

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