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J. Svoboda, G. Zickler, E. Kozeschnik, F.D. Fischer:
"Kinetics of interstitial segregation in Cottrell atmospheres and grain boundaries";
Philosophical Magazine Letters, Vol 95, No. 9 (2015), 9; 458 - 465.

English abstract:
Trapping of interstitial (e.g. carbon) atoms is driven by the reduction in energy
in the system. Diffusion of interstitials, together with their trapping in
dislocation cores and/or grain boundaries, is studied by the thermodynamic
extremal principle. In addition to the total Gibbs energy, a well-established
formulation of the total dissipation is applied. Dimension-free evolution
equations are derived, whose solution is well approximated by an easy to handle
kinetic equation. Cottrellīs power law can be verified in the initial stage.

segregation; grain boundaries; dislocations; simulation;

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