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P. Lang, M. Rath, E. Kozeschnik, P. Rivera-Diaz-Del-Castillo:
"Modelling the influence of austenitisation temperature on hydrogen trapping in Nb containing martensitic steels";
Scripta Materialia, 101 (2015), 101; 60 - 63.

English abstract:
Hydrogen trapping behaviour is investigated by means of thermokinetic simulations in a martensitic steel. The heat treatment consists of austenitisation
followed by quenching and tempering. The model prescribes a minimum in hydrogen trapping at an austenitisation temperature of 1050 !C.
Below this temperature, austenite grain boundaries are the prevailing trap, whereas niobium atoms in solid solution are the main traps above
1050 !C. The model describes precisely the experimental results.

Hydrogen absorption; Martensitic steel; Microstructure; Precipitation; Simulation

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