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S. Winkler, M. Bicher, F. Breitenecker:
"Alternative approaches for groundwater pollution";
IFAC PapersOnLine, 48 (2015), 1; 159 - 164.

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Abstract: This paper deals with the analysis of different realizations regarding groundwater pollution.
The groundwater behaviour can be implemented using a mixture of diffusion and convection equations.
The analysis of the convection diffusion equation is also interesting for other research areas, for example biology, chemistry and the stock market. The first part will deal with the derivation of the regarded equation. Then there are different types of approaches which will be used to analyse the behaviour of this equation. On the one hand there are analytical and numerical methods to solve or approximate this partial differential equations. On the other hand a more stochastic approach will be introduced.

Diffusion, Mathematical Modelling, Finite Different and Element Method, Cellular Automata

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