M. Fuchs, E. Yu Jin:
"Equality of Shapley value and fair proportion index in phylogenetic trees";
Journal of Mathematical Biology, 71 (2015), 5; S. 1133 - 1147.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The Shapley value and the fair proportion index of phylogenetic trees have been introduced recently for the purpose of making conservation decisions in genetics. Moreover, also very recently, Hartmann (J Math Biol 67:1163-1170, 2013) has presented data which shows that there is a strong correlation between a slightly modified version of the Shapley value (which we call the modified Shapley value) and the fair proportion index. He gave an explanation of this correlation by showing that the contribution of both indices to an edge of the tree becomes identical as the number of taxa tends to infinity. In this note, we show that the Shapley value and the fair proportion index are in fact the same. Moreover, we also consider the modified Shapley value and show that its covariance with the fair proportion index in random phylogenetic trees under the Yule-Harding model and uniform model is indeed close to one.

phylogenetic trees; Shapley value; Fair proportion index; Moments-Correlation

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