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P. Hirschler:
"Local agenda 21 Plus Josefstadt: projects to share space, talents, knowledge, objects and much more";
Talk: 29th AESOP Annual Congress 2015, Prag (invited); 07-13-2015 - 07-16-2015; in: "Definite space - fuzzy responsibility", (2015).

English abstract:
Local Agenda 21 Plus Josefstadt: Projects to share space, talents, knowledge, objects and much more
The Local Agenda 21 Plus in Vienna is based on the principle of sustainable urban development at the district and city level. The main goal is to use the creative potential of the different stakeholders for the development of innovative ideas and projects in the district. The main focus of the Local Agenda 21 Plus Josefstadt is to transform the district into a smart, sharing district to reduce to consumption of resources. The slogan used is "Josef and Josefine take part". Concepts like the Smart City/Region have a strong focus on technological solutions and newly built structures. So there is need for smart spatial concepts and smart approaches for existing structures. One possibility of smart development in the existing structures is the sharing of space and infrastructure. Car sharing is also offered by private sector as the project Sharoo (powered by Migros subsidiary m-way AG with participation of the Swiss Mobiliar Holding AG, successfully shows (sharoo AG 2013). With exchange platforms like Napster the idea of shared economy became mainstream. But the real benefit of collaborative consumption and sharing turns out to be social. In an era of individualism, the peer-to-peer sharing "involves the re-emergence of community," says Rachel Botsman (2010) and is therefore very important in bottom-up planning process, because people learn to trust each other (ibid). Therefore the sharing concept is in line with the Local Agenda 21 Plus goals and the experiences in the Josefstadt will test the practicability of the idea.
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sharoo AG 2013: carsharing. einfach. effizient. Umweltbewusst. https://sharoo.com/landing_page?locale=de#home (12.12.2013)

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