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E. Spunei, I. Piroi, F. Piroi:
"Software Assisted Diagnosis for Shunting, Repeater, and Failure Light Signals in Stations with Electro-dynamic Interlocking Systems";
Talk: 10th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ELECTROMECHANICAL AND POWER SYSTEMS, Craiova, Romania AND Chisinau, Moldova; 2015-10-06 - 2015-10-09; in: "Proceedings of the 10th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ELECTROMECHANICAL AND POWER SYSTEMS", ALMA Verlag, Craiova, Romania, (2015), ISBN: 978-606-567-284-0; 512 - 517.

English abstract:
The diagnosing light signals in train stations using electro-dynamic interlocking systems (EIS) is currently done by direct observations and measurements. The diagnosis times strongly depend on the technical know-how and abilities of the maintenance staff. This work presents a diagnosis method for three types of light signals in train traffic: shunting, repeating, and failure signals. The proposed method is a software assisted method that aids the maintenance staff and can be used with a personal computer (PC), smart phone or tablet. This method is based on failure
diagnosis charts that are created starting from the actual stations´ wiring diagrams. The software that uses these charts has an interface that allows users to rapidly identify the failure cause. The proposed method is reliable and does not necessitate additional implementation costs in the functional facility as they do not modify these installations.

computerised diagnosis, light signal, diagnosis chart, interlocking system

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