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N. Luckner, K. Werner, ö. Subasi, G. Fitzpatrick, M. Rauhala:
""But itīs only online!" - Inclusion in exchange platforms";
Talk: CHI 2015 Designing for sharing in local communities Workshop, Seoul; 2015-04-18.

English abstract:
We are designing an exchange platform especially geared towards senior citizens to support them in their every day lives. During the initial design process, we noticed that even though we are trying to create an open and inclusive platform with the help of the target group, there will still be some people whose needs and wants will not be fully met, partly because of our decision in the first place (due to the funding source) to create a digital platform. To find out how other exchange projects deal with inclusion in their systems, we reviewed interviews we had previously conducted with people from such projects to understand their issues and working strategies. We found that inclusion is a common challenge in most existing platforms and suggest that new ideas and strategies need to be explored that can embrace both digital and non-digital participation in an exchange community.

Share economy, user participation, peer-to-peer services, co-design, collaborative design

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