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E. Bauer, G. Rogl, R. T. Khan, H. Michor, E. Royanian, X. Chen, R. Podloucky, K. Kumagai, P. Rogl:
"Unconventional superconductivity in weakly correlated, non-centrosymmetric Mo3Al2C";
Physical Review B, 82 (2010), 1 - 4.

English abstract:
Electrical resistivity, specific-heat, and NMR measurements classify noncentrosymmetric Mo3Al2C ( beta-Mn type, space group P4132 ) as a strong-coupled superconductor with Tc=9K deviating notably from BCS-type behavior. The absence of a Hebbel-Slichter peak, a power-law behavior of the spin-lattice relaxation rate (from A27l NMR), an electronic specific heat strongly deviating from BCS model and a pressure enhanced Tc suggest unconventional superconductivity with possibly a nodal structure of the superconducting gap. Relativistic density-functional theory calculations reveal a splitting of degenerate electronic bands due to the asymmetric spin-orbit coupling, favoring a mix of spin-singlet and spin-triplet components in the superconducting condensate, in absence of strong correlations among electrons.

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