Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Turnsek, P. Krajnc, R. Liska, T. Koch:
"Macroporous alumina with cellular interconnected morphology from emulsion templated polymer composite precursors";
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 36 (2016), 1045 - 1051.

English abstract:
Macroporous polymer composites with included alumina particles were prepared via an emul-sion templating procedure by photopolymerising the monomer containing continuous phase. Methylmethacrylate and multifunctional acrylate monomer Sartomer SR 492 were used for the polymer matrix.Composites with open porous cellular morphology with cavities around 15 m were obtained and furtherprocessed by a calcination and sintering process to form alumina ceramic material with the same mor-phology as the polymer composite precursors. Emulsion composition was optimised in order to obtainmonolithic type of the final material with macropores on a micrometer scale connected by a number ofinterconnecting channels. Mechanical and thermal properties both of precursor composites and ceramicmaterials were evaluated.

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