P. Grabher, M. Rößler, B. Heinzl:
"Implementation of Quantized State Systems in MATLAB/Simulink";
Simulation Notes Europe, 24 (2015), 3-4; S. 185 - 190.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Abstract. Common practice in the simulation of continuous
systems is to discretize the time in order to obtain a
numerical solution. The Quantized State System (QSS)
approach makes it possible that the discretisation is
applied to the state variables, instead of the time range.
In other words continuous systems can be simulated
event-based with the QSS method. It also effects a new
orientation and leads among other things to very efficient
state event detection. Ernesto Kofman and Sergio
Junco presented the QSS method in the DEVS formalism
[1]. This paper describes how the implementation of the
QSS method in Simulink/SimEvents works and which
restrictions still exist.

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