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M. Rößler:
"A Case Study On Coupling Thermo-dynamical and Electro-mechanical Models in Modelica-based Simulators";
Simulation Notes Europe, 23 (2013), 3-4; 155 - 160.

English abstract:
Abstract. Due to higher ecological awareness and
more stringent environmental laws the necessity of lowering
the energy consumption of manufacturing plants
rises. Therefore the possibility to optimize a planned production
hall becomes more and more important. The research
project INFO, a project of the Vienna University
of Technology in cooperation with industry partners and
supported by the FFG, the Austrian Research Promotion
Agency, creates an overall simulation of a cutting factory.
Overall models of such proportions deal with a lot of difficulties,
one of them is that through the interdisciplinarity
of the problem there are many submodels that have
to be coupled to get to the overall simulation. This work
studies one possible solution for this problem, namely
the coupling of different model parts in one simulator.
First the two partial models are described and their simulation
results validated against measurement data. Afterwards
the models are coupled and possible problems
are analysed and the approach is evaluated

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