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M. Raab:
"Global and Thread-Local Activation of Contextual Program Execution Environments";
Talk: 11th International IEEE/IFIP Workshop on Software Technologies for Future Embedded and Ubiquitous Systems SEUS 2015, Auckland, New Zealand; 2015-04-13; in: "2015 IEEE International Symposium on Object/Component/Service-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing Workshops (ISORCW)", IEEE, (2015), 34 - 41.

English abstract:
Ubiquitous computing often demands applications to be both customizable
and context-aware: Users expect smart devices to adapt to the context
and respect their preferences. Currently, these features are not
well-supported in a multi-core embedded setup. The aim of this
paper is to describe a tool that supports both thread-local and global
context-awareness. The tool is based on code generation using a simple
specification language and a library that persists the customizations.
In a case study and benchmark we evaluate a web server application on
embedded hardware. Our web server application uses contexts to represent
user sessions, language settings, and sensor states. The results
show that the tool has minimal overhead, is well-suited for ubiquitous
computing, and takes full advantage of multi-core processors.

multi-core, ubiquitous computing, customization, persistency, context oriented programming

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