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G. Rogl, A. Grytsiv, P. Rogl, E. Bauer, M. Zehetbauer:
"Enhanced thermoelectric figure of merit in p-type DDy(Fe1-xCox)4Sb12";
Solid State Phenomena, 170 (2011), 2435 - 2444.

English abstract:
Thermoelectric (TE) properties of skutterudites DDy(Fe1-xCox)4Sb12 for 0.2  x 0.3 were studied in the temperature range from 300 K to 800 K and compared with values for x = 0. Didymium (DD, 4.76 mass % Pr and 95.24 mass % Nd) was used as natural double filler. At Co-concentrations 0.225  x  0.25 maximum TE-performance was obtained with impressive power-factors (4.5 mW/mK2) and ZTs (ZT1.2 at 700 K). Furthermore these skutterudites maintain the high ZT over a broad temperature range providing an excellent p-leg for high-efficiency thermoelectric power generation.

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