Publications in Scientific Journals:

P. Wegerer, J.N. Nackler, T. Bednar:
"Measuring the Hygrothermal Performance of an Interior Insulation made of Woodfibre Boards";
Energy procedia, 78 (2015), 1478 - 1483.

English abstract:
This paper introduces two demonstration objects onto which various interior insulation systems made of woodfibre have been
installed. Temperature and humidity sensors have been integrated in the respective constructions. Insulation systems adhered to
the existing construction with clay mortar are compared to non-plastered insulation systems. The drying up process of the clay is
of great interest. Additionally the functionality of woodfibre boards on earth-adjacent masonry is studied. Masonry samples give
an indication of the existing construction´s moisture exposure. In conclusion, the insulation systems´ functionality will be assessed
based on measurement results and possible risks of damage.

interior insulation, woodfibre board, in-situ measurement, clay plaster

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