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S. Hensely-Schinkinger:
"Support Services for Informal Caregivers: First Results of Expert Interviews with Providers in the City of Vienna";
Talk: 13th AAATE Conference, Budapest; 2015-09-09 - 2015-09-12; in: "13th AAATE Conference", C. Sik-Lányi, E. Hoogerwerf, K. Miesenberger (ed.); IOS Press, 217 (2015), ISBN: 978-1-61499-565-4; 852 - 856.

English abstract:
The burden of informal caregivers can be potentially reduced with support services targeting them primarily. But when it comes to the utilization of such services, there are still barriers on the side of suppliers and demanders that leads to the fact that too less concerned people are making use of it. Expert interviews were done with offering institutions in the City of Vienna to find out more about the types of offered support services, consideration of special circumstances, utilization behavior, awareness, benefit, costs and future development. This paper is presenting the preliminary results of the data analysis of the first round of interviews that shows the status quo of utilization of support services for informal caregivers in the City of Vienna.

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