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C. Bores, N. Almarza, E. Lomba, G. Kahl:
"Inclusions of a two dimensional fluid with competing interactions in a disordered, porous matrix";
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 27 (2015), 19; 194127-1 - 194127-12.

English abstract:
The behavior of a fluid with competing interaction ranges adsorbed in a controlled pore size disordered matrix is studied by means of grand canonical Monte Carlo simulations in order to analyze the effects of confinement. The disordered matrix model is constructed from a two-dimensional non-additive hard-sphere fluid (which shows close to its demixing critical point large fluctuations in the concentration), after a subsequent quenching of the particle positions and removal of one of the components. The topology of the porous network is analyzed by means of a Delaunay tessellation procedure. The porous cavities are large enough to allow for cluster formation, which is however somewhat hindered as a result of the confinement, as seen from the comparison of cluster size distributions calculated for the fluid under confinement and in the bulk. The occurrence of lamellar phases is impeded by the disordered nature of the porous network. Analysis of two-dimensional density maps of the adsorbed fluid for given matrix configurations shows that clusters tend to build up in specific locations of the porous matrix, so as to minimize inter-cluster repulsion.

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