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W. Tannebaum, A. Rauber:
"Using Query Logs of USPTO Patent examiners for automatic Query Expansion in Patent Searching";
Information Retrieval, 17 (2014), 5-6; 452 - 470.

English abstract:
In the patent domain significant efforts are invested to assist researchers in formulating better queries, preferably via automated query expansion. Currently, automatic query expansion in patent search is mostly limited to computing co-occurring terms for the searchable features of the invention. Additional query terms are extracted automatically from patent documents based on entropy measures. Learning synonyms in the patent domain for automatic query expansion has been a difficult task. No dedicated sources providing synonyms for the patent domain, such as patent domain specific lexica or thesauri, are available. In this paper we focus on the highly professional search setting of patent examiners. In particular, we use query logs to learn synonyms for the patent domain. For automatic query expansion, we create term networks based on the query logs specifically for several USPTO patent classes. Experiments show good performance in automatic query expansion using these automatically generated term networks. Specifically, with a larger number of query logs for a specific patent US class available the performance of the learned term networks increases.

Patent searching, Query expansion, Query log analysis

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