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M. Rauhala, P. Panek, K. Werner, W. Fuchs:
"Ethical and Legal Aspects of an AAL System Supporting Night Care in Residential Care";
in: "Ambient Assisted Living, Advanced Technologies and Societal Change", issued by: R. Wichert and H. Klausing; Springer International Publishing Switzerland, Heidelberg, 2016, ISBN: 978-3-319-26343-4, 97 - 108.

English abstract:
This paper builds on the experiences made with regard to ethical and socio-legal issues in already completed and on-going AAL projects and pre-sents the plan for integrating ethical and legal dimensions into an upcoming field trial in two residential care facilities in Austria. We describe the SignAAL project and its evaluation plan, identify the typical ethical and legal dimensions that must be taken into account in planning long-term field trials with potential-ly vulnerable users, and introduce methods for integrating ethical and socio-legal frameworks in the project's approach to evaluation and field trials. Re-search work that relies on prototypes raises somewhat different ethical and legal concerns than the commercial adoption of available AAL prod-ucts/systems/services, therefore this contribution deliberately limits its focus to the evaluation of a prototype system in a field trial in a real-life setting. The context is night care in residential care facilities for older people and older people with dementia.

Field trials, ethics, socio-legal issues, night care, residential care, potentially vulnerable persons

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