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M.A. Ertl, B. Paysan:
"From exit to set-does> --- A Story of Gforth Re-Implementation";
Talk: EuroForth 2015, Bath, England; 2015-10-02 - 2015-10-04; in: "31st EuroForth Conference", (2015), 7 pages.

English abstract:
We changed \code{exit} from an immediate to a
non-immediate word; this requires changes in the
de-allocation of locals, which leads to changes in
the implementation of colon definitions, and to
generalizing \code{does>} into \code{set-does>}
which allows the defined word to call arbitrary
execution tokens. The new implementation of locals
cleanup can usually be optimized to similar
performance as the old implementation. The new
implementation of \code{does>} has performance
similar to the old implementation, while using
\code{set-does>} results in speedups in certain


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