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R. Höllwieser, D. Altarawneh:
"Center Vortices, Area Law and the Catenary Solution";
International Journal of Modern Physics A, 30 (2015), 34; 1550207 - 1550225.

English abstract:
We present meson-meson (Wilson loop) correlators in Z(2) center vortex models for the infrared sector of Yang-Mills theory, i.e., a hypercubic lattice model of random vortex surfaces and a continuous 2+1 dimensional model of random vortex lines. In particular we calculate quadratic and circular Wilson loop correlators in the two models respectively and observe that their expectation values follow the area law and show string breaking behavior. Further we calculate the catenary solution for the two cases and try to find indications for minimal surface behavior or string surface tension leading to string constriction.

Center Vortices, Lattice Gauge Field Theory

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