Publications in Scientific Journals:

Mohsen Nejad, M. Faber, R. Höllwieser:
"Colorful plane vortices and Chiral Symmetry Breaking in SU(2) Lattice Gauge Theory";
Journal Of High Energy Physics, 10 (2015), 10; 108 - 124.

English abstract:
We investigate plane vortices with color structure. The topological charge and gauge action of such colorful plane vortices are studied in the continuum and on the lattice. These con gurations are vacuum to vacuum transitions changing the winding number between the two vacua, leading to a topological charge Q = −1 in the continuum. After
growing temporal extent of these vortices, the lattice topological charge approaches −1 and the index theorem is ful lled. We analyze the low lying modes of the overlap Dirac operator in the background of these colorful plane vortices and compare them with those of spherical vortices. They show characteristic properties for spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking.

Chiral Symmetry Breaking, Lattice Gauge Field Theory, Center Vortices, Topological Charge

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