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R. Höllwieser, M. Engelhardt:
"Approaching SU(2) gauge dynamics with smeared Z(2) vortices";
Physical Review D, 92 (2015), 3; 034502 - 034534.

English abstract:
We present a method to smear (center projected) Z(2) vortices in lattice gauge configurations such as to embed vortex physics into a full SU (2) gauge configuration framework. In particular, we address the problem that using Z(2) configurations in conjunction with overlap (or chirally improved) fermions is problematic due to their lack of smoothness. Our method allows us to regain this smoothness and simultaneously maintain the center vortex structure. We test our method with various gluonic and fermionic observables and investigate to what extent we are able to approach SU(2) gauge dynamics without destroying the original vortex structure.

Center Vortices, Lattice Gauge Field Theory

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