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M. Schlaipfer, G. Weissenbacher:
"Labelled Interpolation Systems for Hyper-Resolution, Clausal, and Local Proofs";
Journal of Automated Reasoning, 57 (2016), 1; 3 - 36.

English abstract:
Craig´s interpolation theorem has numerous applications in model checking, automated reasoning, and synthesis. There is a variety of interpolation systems which derive interpolants from refutation proofs; these systems are ad-hoc and rigid in the sense that they provide exactly one interpolant for a given proof. In previous work, we introduced a parametrised interpolation system which subsumes existing interpolation methods for propositional resolution proofs and enables the systematic variation of the logical strength and the elimination of non-essential variables in interpolants. In this paper, we generalise this system to propositional hyper-resolution proofs as well as clausal proofs. The latter are generated by contemporary SAT solvers. Finally, we show that, when applied to local (or split) proofs, our extension generalises two existing interpolation systems for first-order logic and relates them in logical strength.

Craig interpolation, Satisfiability checking, Resolution

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