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F. Ademaj, M. Taranetz, M. Rupp:
"3GPP 3D MIMO Channel Model: A Holistic Implementation Guideline for Open Source Simulation Tools";
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking (invited), 2016 (2016), 55; 14 pages.

English abstract:
Massive MIMO and 3D beamforming have been identified as key technologies for future mobile cellular networks.
Their investigation requires channel models that consider not only the azimuth- but also the elevation direction.
Recently, the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) has released a new 3D spatial channel model. It supports
planar antenna arrays and enables to scrutinize concepts such as elevation beamforming and full dimension MIMO. A
particular challenge is the practical implementation of the model. Dealing with enormous computational complexity
requires to design a highly efficient approach. This paper provides a guideline for the practical implementation of the
3GPP 3D model into existing link- and system-level simulation tools. Considering the complexity of the model itself,
our main focus is on computational efficiency. We present simulation examples using the proposed procedure with
the Vienna LTE-A Downlink System Level Simulator. We measure simulation run times with respect to various network
parameters. Our results allow to quantify the increase in complexity, when accounting for the elevation dimension.
Moreover, they exhibit general trends when considering a large number of antenna elements per antenna array. We
also draw a comparison with the WINNER channel model, which represents the most closely related channel model in 2D.

3GPP 3D channel model, System level simulations, Link level simulation, Open source, Interference channel, Elevation beamforming, Full-dimension MIMO, Vertical sectorization, Channel coefficient generation, antenna array

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