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D. Adam, J. Pistrol:
"Dynamic roller compaction for earthworks and roller-integrated continuous compaction control: State of the art overview and recent developments";
Vortrag: Conferenze di Geotecnica di Torino, XXIV Ciclio, Turin (eingeladen); 25.02.2016 - 26.02.2016; in: "Conferenze di Geotecnica di Torino, XXIV Ciclio", M. Manassero, A. Dominijanni, S. Foti, G. Musso (Hrg.); (2016), S. 1 - 41.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper provides a state of the art overview of dynamic roller compaction and vibration based measurement systems used on vibratory and oscillatory roller compactors to continuously measure soil properties during and after earthwork compaction. Various dynamic rollers equipped with different kinds of exciters are available nowadays. Compaction of non-cohesive and cohesive soils, fill material, and industrial byproducts is usually accomplished by vibratory rollers; the vibration of the drum is generated by rotating eccentric masses. Moreover, dynamic rollers with different types of excitation have been developed in the last decades, including rollers with directed vibration, feedback controlled rollers and oscillatory rollers. The development of roller integrated measurement and continuous compaction control (CCC) has been initiated about 40 years ago; roller measurement values for vibratory rollers have since evolved towards the estimation of more mechanistic soil parameters such as the deformation modulus. Independent assessment of these measurement values has proven their efficacy. Recent developments of a measurement value for oscillatory rollers are presented in detail, thus, CCC is applicable for all dynamic roller types by now.

CCC, dynamic, roller, compaction, measurement, soil dynamics

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