L. Bian, G. Pang, S. Tang, A. Arnold:
"ALmost EXact boundary conditions for transient Schrödinger-Poisson system";
Journal of Computational Physics, 313 (2016), S. 233 - 246.

Kurzfassung englisch:
For the Schrodinger-Poisson system, we propose an ALmost EXact(ALEX) boundary condition to treat accurately the numerical boundaries. Being local in both space and time, the ALEXboundary conditions are demonstrated to be effective in suppressing spurious numerical reflec-
tions. Together with the Crank-Nicolson scheme, we simulate a resonant tunneling diode. The algorithm produces numerical results in excellent agreement with those in Mennemann et al. [1],
yet at a much reduced complexity. Primary peaks in wave function profile appear as a consequence of quantum resonance, and should be considered in selecting the cut-off wave number for numerical simulations.

Schrödinger-Poisson simulation, ALEX boundary condition, resonant tunneling diode, primary peak, resonant wave numbers

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