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F. Failamani, Z. Malik, L. Salamakha, F. Kneidinger, A. Grytsiv, H. Michor, E. Bauer, G. Giester, P. Rogl:
"BaAl4 derivative phases in the sections {La,Ce}Ni2Si2-{La,Ce}Zn2Si2: phase relations, crystal structures and physical properties";
Dalton Transactions, 45 (2016), 5262 - 5273.

English abstract:
Phase relations and crystal structures have been evaluated within the sections LaNi2Si2-LaZn2Si2 and CeNi2Si2-CeZn2Si2 at 800 C using electron microprobe analysis and X-ray powder and single crystal structure analyses. Although the systems La-Zn-Si and Ce-Zn-Si at 800 C do not reveal compounds such as "LaZn2Si2" or "CeZn2Si2", solid solutions {La,Ce}(Ni1−xZnx)2Si2 exist with the Ni/Zn substitution starting from {La,Ce}Ni2Si2 (ThCr2Si2-type; I4/mmm) up to x = 0.18 for Ce(Ni1−xZnx)2Si2 and x = 0.125 for La(Ni1−xZnx)2Si2. For higher Zn-contents 0.25 ≤ x ≤ 0.55 the solutions adopt the CaBe2Ge2-type (P4/nmm). The investigations are backed by single crystal X-ray diffraction data for Ce(Ni0.61Zn0.39)2Si2 (P4/nmm; a = 0.41022(1) nm, c = 0.98146(4) nm; RF = 0.012) and by Rietveld refinement for La(Ni0.56Zn0.44)2Si2 (P4/nmm; a = 0.41680(6) nm, c = 0.99364(4) nm; RF = 0.043). Interestingly, the Ce-Zn-Si system contains a ternary phase CeZn2(Si1−xZnx)2 of the ThCr2Si2 structure type (0.25 ≤ x ≤ 0.30 at 600 C), which forms peritectically at T = 695 C but does not include the composition "CeZn2Si2". The primitive high temperature tetragonal phase with the CaBe2Ge2-type has also been observed for the first time in the Ce-Ni-Si system at CeNi2+xSi2−x, x = 0.33 (single crystal data, P4/nmm; a = 0.40150(2) nm, c = 0.95210(2) nm; RF = 0.0163). Physical properties (from 400 mK to 300 K) including specific heat, electrical resistivity and magnetic susceptibility have been elucidated for Ce(Ni0.61Zn0.39)2Si2 and La(Ni0.56Zn0.44)2Si2. Ce(Ni0.61Zn0.39)2Si2 exhibits a Kondo-type ground state. Low temperature specific heat data of La(Ni0.56Zn0.44)2Si2 suggest a spin fluctuation scenario with an enhanced value of the Sommerfeld constant.

Intermetallic phases, crystal structure, Kondo physics

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