Publications in Scientific Journals:

X. Qiao, J. Chen, W. Tan, S. Dustdar:
"Service Provisioning in Content-Centric Networking: Challenges, Opportunities, and Promising Directions";
IEEE Internet Computing, Volume 20 (2016), Issue 2; 26 - 33.

English abstract:
Contemporary IP-based Internet architecture increasingly is unable to meet the demands of current network usage patterns. Content-centric networking (CCN), as a clean-slate future network architecture, is different from existing IP networks and has some salient features, such as in-network caching, name-based routing, friendly mobility, and built-in security. This architecture has a profound impact on how Internet applications are provisioned. Here, from the perspective of upper-layer applications, the authors discuss challenges and opportunities regarding service provisioning in CCN. They also describe the Service Innovation Environment for Future Internet, their approach that addresses challenges while exploiting opportunities for the future of CCN.

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