M. Kogler, E.M. Köck, M. Stöger-Pollach, S. Schwarz, T. Schachinger, B. Klötzer, S. Penner:
"Distinct carbon growth mechanisms on the components of Ni/YSZ materials";
Materials Chemistry and Physics, 173 (2016), S. 508 - 515.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Using pure YSZ and Ni-doped YSZ materials we provide a direct comparison of the morphology and
specific growth mechanisms of carbon deposits following treatment in CO as the common component of
reformate gas fuels at temperatures up to 1273 K. Under these experimental conditions, carbon is
deposited on both constituents following distinctly different pathways: metallic Ni particles are both
encapsulated and subsequently act as catalysts for growth of carbon filaments e leading to chemically
and electronically altered Ni particles. In contrast to that, also pure YSZ oxide particles are without
exception only encapsulated by distorted graphitic layers of up to 2e3 individual layers. This carbon layer
is not formed by carbon spillover from the Ni particle, but directly deposited on the oxide grains by CO
dissociation. While the pathway over the metallic component is dominant at high Ni loadings, the oxide
especially at lower loadings can contribute directly to the structural and chemical alterations of the
electrode material by changing the physico-chemical properties, e.g. by altering the conductivity via Cdeposition
at the intergrain regions or may also serve as additional carbon supply for re-distributed and
dispersed "dusted" Ni particles attached to the carbon-covered YSZ grains.

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