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R. Nissel, M. Rupp:
"Bit Error Probability for Pilot-Symbol Aided Channel Estimation in FBMC-OQAM";
Talk: IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2016), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 05-23-2016 - 05-27-2016; in: "IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2016)", (2016).

English abstract:
Filter Bank MultiCarrier (FBMC) might replace Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) in 5G. For such FBMC system, we derive closed-form expressions for the Bit Error Probability (BEP) including channel estimation, whereas we focus on the comparison of FBMC with OFDM. We assume additive white Gaussian noise and a Rayleigh fading channel with low delay spread and low Doppler spread, so that the channel induced interference can be neglected compared to the noise. Our channel estimation is based on pilot symbols whereby the imaginary interference, inherently caused in FBMC, is canceled at the pilot positions either by auxiliary symbols or through coding. Moreover, we propose an optimal power allocation between pilot symbols and data symbols to minimize the BEP.

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