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C. Abert, M. Ruggeri, F. Bruckner, C. Vogler, A. Manchon, D. Praetorius, D. Süss:
"A self-consistent spin-diffusion model for micromagnetics";
in: "ASC Report 8/2016", issued by: Institute for Analysis and Scientific Computing; Vienna University of Technology, Wien, 2016, ISBN: 978-3-902627-09-4, 1 - 8.

English abstract:
We propose a self-consistent micromagnetic model that dynamically solves the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation coupled to the full spin-diffusion equation. The model and its finite-element implementation are validated by current driven motion of a magnetic vortex structure. Potential calculations for a magnetic multilayer structure with perpendicular current flow confirm experimental findings of a non-sinusoidal dependence of the resistivity on the tilting angle of the magnetization in the different layers. While the sinusoidal dependency is observed for certain material parameter limits, a realistic choice of these parameters leads to a notably narrower distribution.

w1245, magdyn

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